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Petrobras concludes first sustainable platform destination auction

The P-32 platform will undergo a green recycling process in Brazil, creating jobs and business for local industries.

Published in 07/07/2023 at 16:41:20

The auction for the sale of the P-32 platform was concluded this Friday (7/7). The Campos Basin unit will be the first one to follow Petrobras’ new model for the sustainable destination of vessels. The winning company was GERDAU S.A, in partnership with the ECOVIX shipyard.

The sales notice was directed exclusively to the domestic market and inaugurates a new stage for the decommissioning industry in Brazil, which represents a great opportunity for the country to establish itself in the sustainable vessel recycling segment. The sales process stipulated several technical criteria and requirements for bidders, aimed at guaranteeing that recycling activities and the final disposal of metallic waste take place in accordance with best ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) practices in the industry across the globe, focusing on generating value, sustainability, safety and respect for people and the environment.

According to Carlos Travassos, Petrobras’ Director of Engineering, Technology and Innovation, the implementation of this pioneering process in Brazil combines the company’s needs and opportunities resulting from its activities. “Units need to be decommissioned and we need to dispose of waste in a responsible way. Since Brazil is imports this type of metallic material, we saw this as a good opportunity for the market, at the same time that we were able to promote an environmentally-friendly destination for decommissioned platforms and create direct and indirect jobs within this process”, he says. “We want everything to be carried out in compliance with strict criteria; we know that not all countries have the technical conditions to meet these criteria, but Brazilian shipyards can adjust very easily to these requirements. This means an opportunity for the domestic industry”, concludes Travassos.

After making payment regarding the winning bid, GERDAU S.A. will present the recycling plan for the platform, including all stages, from receiving the platform to the final disposal of waste. The execution of the plan will be closely monitored by Petrobras throughout the entire process in order to ensure compliance with safety, environment, health and social responsibility practices in a sustainable and auditable way.

The ECOVIX shipyard has an operating license for dismantling activities as well as a contingency and emergency plan in order to ensure best work safety practices.

According to Logistics, Commercialization and Markets Director Claudio Schlosser, the implementation of sustainability criteria to decommissioning activities clearly shows the company’s commitment and is the result of the company’s goal, which is to become a global reference in the area: “Petrobras seeks to be in line with the most advanced processes in the industry.  Ensuring the most appropriate way to dispose of materials arising from decommissioning activities also reveals our concern with the sustainability of our business”, he states.

Marlim and Voador Revitalization Project

The P-32 platform was one of the ten production units in the Marlim and Voador fields, in the Campos Basin, and is now being replaced by two new FPSOs, Anna Nery and Anita Garibaldi, which make up the Field Revitalization Project. The two new platforms have the joint capacity to produce up to 150,000 barrels per day (bpd).

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