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Petrobras will invest R$ 3.5 billion in Bahia in the next few years

The company is opening its Corporate University in Salvador and expects to make more investments in cultural, social and environmental sponsorships and new wells in the state

Published in 07/10/2023 at 10:33:08

President of Petrobras Jean Paul Prates in ceremony in Bahia

Photo: Uendel Galter - Divulgação


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When he was in Bahia, in March, on his first visit to the state as Petrobras’ CEO, Jean Paul Prates assured that the company would remain in the Northeast and would further increase local investments. This Friday, October, 6, in a ceremony at Casa Baluarte, in the historical district of Santo Antônio Além do Carmo, in Salvador, in addition to celebrating the 70th anniversary of the largest Brazilian company, the CEO reiterated his promise and announced investments of BRL 3.5 billion in the state in the coming years, the drilling of 35 wells and the inauguration of a Petrobras University hub in Torre Pituba, in the capital of Bahia, on October 11.  

In his speech, Prates reaffirmed his commitment to strengthening Petrobras’ regional operations, both in production and in other activities, for example, the Digital Communications Office that will be located in Salvador. “As I said before, Petrobras stays in Bahia. We will increase regional investments in cultural, social and environmental sponsorships, we will continue producing oil here and we will intensify local scientific research. We will not only restart the Petrobras University in Bahia, but we will prioritize the return of regional teams to transform the local reality”, he guaranteed.

At the event, which was also attended by Petrobras’ Executive Board, the Vice-Governor of Bahia, Geraldo Júnior, Senator Jaques Wagner, among other government authorities, employees, trade unions and guest partners, Petrobras’s CEO also indicated the path the company should follow in the coming years. “We are still in the first year of an administration that believes in the longevity of Petrobras and its role as a protagonist of national development. Throughout this journey, we are committed to leading Brazil in the transition to a broader and more sustainable energy mix, with energy justice and social justice for everyone”, highlighted Prates.

In videos and performances by artists such as Ilê Aiyê, Lazzo, Balé Folclórico da Bahia, Team Petrobras athlete BGirl and capoeira circles, the ceremony recounted the history of oil and the company, mixing past and future and the expectations for a productive longevity. From the heights of Santo Antônio Além do Carmo, with the sunset shining over Cidade Baixa, just over 6 km away from the Lobato district, from where the first Brazilian oil flowed in the 1930s, Prates recalled Petrobras’ potential for the development of the country.

For him, Petrobras reaches 70 years of age with its mission as strong as when it was founded. Just like in 1953, the company is leading fundamental changes and transformations for the nation. “Society increasingly demands a variety of energy sources that will allow reducing carbon emissions and an environmental equilibrium that is fundamental to the future of the planet. The Northeast has a vocation for renewable energy, such as solar, wind and hydrogen”, affirmed Jean Paul Prates, CEO.

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