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Petrobras Team concludes the Santiago Pan American Games with 40 medals won

The result sets a record for podium finishes in a single competition

Published in 07/11/2023 at 12:01:32

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The Petrobras Team made history at the Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile. The athletes sponsored by the company reflected their excellence in results: it was the competition where the group stepped onto the podium the most times. The 40 medals won represent 20% of Brazil’s total of 205 medals, which secured Brazil’s second place in the overall ranking. Petrobras Team athletes secured 18 gold, 14 silver, and 8 bronze medals across twelve different competition categories. The Santiago Pan American Games took place from October 20 to November 5.

“We are very proud and excited about our athletes’ performance in this Pan American Games. Their achievements demonstrate the dedication, talent, and determination that have led them to the top of the sports world. They are true ambassadors of Brazil and Petrobras, inspiring everyone with their commitment and excellence, bringing pride to the country”, said Alessandra Teixeira, Petrobras’ Sponsorship and Events Manager.

Check out the results of the Petrobras Team:

Ana Sátila – Canoeing – 2 gold medals
André Stein and George – Beach volleyball – 1 gold medal
Augusto Akio – Skate park – 1 silver medal
Beatriz Souza – Judo – 1 silver medal (mixed team with Guilherme Schmidt) and 1 bronze medal (individual)
Bruna Takahashi – Table tennis – 3 silver medals (mixed doubles, women’s doubles, and individual) and 1 bronze medal (women’s team)
Carol Naka – Boxing – 1 gold medal
Darlan Romani – Shot put – 1 gold medal
Duda and Ana Patrícia – Beach volleyball – 1 gold medal
Evandilson and Filipe – Canoeing – 1 silver medal
Flávia Saraiva – Artistic gymnastics – 4 silver medals (women’s team, individual all-around, beam, and floor) and 1 bronze medal (uneven bars)
Guilherme Caribé – Swimming – 3 gold medals (100 meters, 4x100 meters men’s and mixed relay) and 1 silver medal (4x100 meters medley relay)
Guilherme Costa – Swimming – 4 gold medals (400 meters, 800 meters, 1,500 meters, and 4x200 meters relay)
Guilherme Schimidt – Judo – 1 gold medal and 1 silver medal (mixed team with Beatriz Souza)
Hugo Calderano – Table tennis – 2 gold medals (individual and men’s team) and 1 silver medal (men’s doubles)
Izabela Rodrigues – Discus throw – 1 gold medal
Keno Marley – Boxing – 1 silver medal
Laura Amaro – Weightlifting – 1 bronze medal
Marcus D’Almeida – Archery – 1 silver medal (mixed doubles) and 1 bronze medal (men’s team)
Mateus Isaac – iQFoil – 1 gold medal
Viviane Jungblut – Swimming – 3 bronze medals (800 meters, 1,500 meters, and 10 km marathon swimming)

Parapan American Games in Santiago

After the Santiago Pan American Games, the Chilean city will host the Parapan American Games, starting on November 17. Until November 26, the Petrobras Team will be represented in the competition by the following para-athletes:

Lucas Mozela – Paralympic swimming
Maria Carolina Santiago – Paralympic swimming
Samuel Oliveira – Paralympic swimming
Gabriel Bandeira – Paralympic swimming
Raíssa Rocha – Paralympic javelin throw
Thalita Simplício – Parathletics
Thiego Marques – Paralympic judo
Vitor Tavares – Para-badminton

Petrobras Team

The current Petrobras Team consists of 45 athletes from 30 Olympic and Paralympic sports. The projected investment for this edition of the team is BRL 12.5 million, covering significant competitions such as the Pan American and Parapan American Games in Santiago, Chile, in October and November of this year, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, in 2024.

Started in 2015, the Petrobras Team project has already supported 85 athletes from 31 sports, who have won 135 medals in the Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American, and Parapan American Games. Over BRL 26 million has been invested in the training of high-performance athletes from various sports.

Check out the athletes and para-athletes who are part of the current Petrobras Team:

Ana Patrícia - Beach volleyball
Ana Sátila - Canoeing
André Stein - Beach volleyball
Augusto Akio - Skateboarding
Beatriz Souza - Judo
Bruna Takahashi - Table tennis
Caio Souza - Artistic gymnastics
Carol Santiago - Paralympic swimming
Carol Naka - Boxing
Darlan Romani - Shot put
Duda Lisboa - Beach volleyball
Evandilson Neto - Canoeing
Felipe Ho - Sport climbing
Filipe Vieira - Canoeing
Flávia Saraiva - Artistic gymnastics
Gabriel Bandeira - Paralympic swimming
George Souto Maior - Beach volleyball
Giovanna Prada - iQ Foil (Windsurf foil)
Gui Caribé - Swimming
Guilherme Costa - Swimming
Guilherme Schimidt - Judo
Hugo Calderano - Table tennis
Ícaro Miguel - Taekwondo
Izabela Rodrigues - Shot put and discus throw
Jessica Messali - Paratriathlon
Keno Marley - Boxing
Laura Amaro - Weightlifting
Leticia Oro - Long jump
Luan San - Breaking
Lucas Mozela - Paralympic swimming
Luísa Baptista - Triathlon
Marcus D’Almeida - Archery
Mateus Isaac - iQ Foil (Windsurf foil)
Milena Titoneli - Taekwondo
Raissa Rocha - Paralympic javelin throw
Samuel Oliveira - Paralympic swimming
Sophia Medina - Surf
Thalita Simplício - Paralympic athletics
Thiego Marques - Paralympic judo
Toquinha - Breaking
Tuany Barbosa - Paralympic shot put
Vitor Tavares - Paralympic badminton
Vitória Rosa - Athletics
Viviane Jungblut - Marathon swimming
Ygor Coelho - Badminton

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