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Petrobras establishes a partnership for renewable diesel supply to SIM Distributor

The company is the first to adopt Diesel R for the end consumer

Published in 07/11/2023 at 11:27:38

Director Claudio Schlosser and the president of Empresas SIM, Neco Argenta.

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Petrobras and the group that owns the SIM gas stations entered into a commercial partnership on Monday (November 6), for the purchase and sale of renewable diesel. This will be the first time that transportation companies will be able to refuel their vehicles with the new fuel at selected gas stations.

The contract stipulates that Petrobras will deliver the fuel to SIM in Araucária (PR), where the Presidente Vargas Refinery (Repar), which produces Diesel R, is located. Delivery options at the Presidente Bernardes Refinery (RPBC), in Cubatão (SP), are also included.

The group, founded in 1985 by the brothers Neco and Deunir Argenta, in Flores da Cunha (RS), consists of eight companies: SIM Rede de Postos, SIM Distribuidora de Combustíveis, Querodiesel, SIM Lubrificantes, Charrua, A27 Bank, Vital Soluções Ambientais e Lubrificantes, and SIM Aviação. It is the largest retail network of gas stations and convenience stores in the country.

Renewable Diesel Continues to Expand

According to Claudio Schlosser, Petrobras’ Director of Logistics, Marketing, and Markets, Petrobras is a reference in the development and commercialization of more sustainable fuels: “Petrobras was the first company in Brazil to develop its own technology for coprocessing renewable raw materials in refining. We invested in production because we recognized society’s and the market’s demand for more sustainable products. We are very pleased with the partnership established with SIM companies, which will further expand the commercialization of Diesel R”.

Petrobras’ Diesel R is currently produced at Repar (PR) through the coprocessing of petroleum derivatives (mineral fraction) with renewable raw materials, such as soybean oil. In the first semester of 2024, Petrobras will also offer Diesel R at RPBC, in Cubatão (SP).

This new fuel is a sustainable alternative in the diesel cycle, as the reduction in emissions associated with the renewable portion is at least 60%, compared to mineral diesel, and it can be even greater depending on the raw materials used. In addition to the environmental benefit, Diesel R is a product with high stability and is free from contaminants, ensuring the durability and performance of engines.

According to Neco Argenta, the President of SIM Companies, the partnership is innovative: “It is a strategic partnership to bring what is most innovative to the market and it signals a change in the model, where sustainability becomes the purpose of new businesses, within the framework of ESG principles”.

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