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Petrobras’ CEO and Norway’s Minister of Petroleum and Energy hold bilateral meeting in Oslo

Jean Paul Prates also attended the EKSFIN event; these agendas are part of a technical mission to the Nordic countries

Published in 14/11/2023 at 17:55:27

Presidente Jean Paul Prates em reunião com o ministro de Petróleo e Energia da Noruega, Terje Aasland

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Petrobras’ CEO, Jean Paul Prates, participated in a bilateral meeting this Tuesday (11/14), with the Minister of Petroleum and Energy of Norway, Terje Aasland, in Oslo. The Energy Transition Officer, Maurício Tolmasquim, also attended the meeting. Aasland is a specialist in electrical grids, with extensive knowledge of the industry, and was elected to the Norwegian Parliament in 2005. The minister was previously the leader of the Permanent Committee on Energy and Environment and the Committee on Business and Industry.

“It was an important meeting to share experiences between our countries. The main topics addressed were energy transition, offshore industry, decarbonization of operations and environmental responsibility, with a focus on creating business opportunities and developing the energy industry. Norway is a reference and the minister has extensive experience in this industry”, said the CEO, Jean Paul Prates.

In addition, this Tuesday, the CEO, and Officer Tolmasquim also met with representatives from the Norwegian Export Financing Agency (EKSFIN). The organization is part of the Norwegian government’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries and helps Norwegian companies remain competitive in the global market. EKSFIN’s portfolio includes dozens of projects related to the renewable energy, oil and gas sectors.
“Petrobras is expanding its portfolio with greener and cleaner products. We launched the first carbon neutral gasoline, Podium, in addition to investments in wind and solar energy for a fair energy transition”, explained Prates.

Mission to the Nordic countries

In addition to Norway, the mission also includes agendas in Denmark and the Netherlands.  On Thursday (11/16), the CEO will visit Denmark’s Energy Agency to discuss the regulatory environment, market prospects, and the restructuring of the country’s renewable energy sector.

To conclude the mission, Monday (11/20), Jean Paul Prates and the Logistics, Commercialization and Markets Officer, Cláudio Schlosser, will visit Petrobras’ office in the Netherlands and the Port of Rotterdam for meetings and business opportunities.

The technical mission includes visits to local partner companies and suppliers. The agendas will be attended by the Brazilian ambassadors in Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands.

IEF 2023

On the first day of the mission, (11/13), the CEO participated in the opening of the 2023 International Energy Forum (IEF) in Oslo, Norway, where he spoke about the Brazilian scenario and the company’s new strategic drivers in the opening panel on oil and gas. In the same day, the CEO spoke at SUMMIT IEF 2023, an event that is part of the IEF, aimed at senior executives and CEOs of energy companies.

The Energy Transition Officer, Maurício Tolmasquim, participated in a panel on opportunities in the hydrogen market (Exploring Hydrogen Market Opportunities - Global Trends, Financing, and Market Insights), which addressed the current global trends in hydrogen implementation, financing models and market outlook.

The International Energy Forum (IEF) 2023 is a dynamic and interactive event showcasing the latest trends, technologies and strategies in the energy industries. It also addresses the main challenges and opportunities in the short and long term to drive growth and sustainability. The meeting ends this Tuesday (14).

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