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Petrobras breaks S-10 diesel production record

October's results demonstrate Petrobras' commitment to the efficiency and profitability of its operations

Published in 09/11/2023 at 09:06:23

Duque de Caxias Refinery (Reduc) in Rio de Janeiro.

Photo: Agência Petrobras


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Petrobras' S-10 diesel production reached a new record in October, reaching 2.38 million m³, surpassing the previous mark from this July. With the Refinery Utilization Factor (FUT) at a high level, the performance obtained is due to the high reliability and optimized operation of refining assets, supported by robust technology solutions.

Highlights in the Petrobras refining park are the production records at the Paulínia Refinery (Replan), in São Paulo, with a mark of 645 thousand m³; and at the Duque de Caxias Refinery (Reduc), in Rio de Janeiro, with a volume of 163 thousand m³; also achieved in October.

S-10 diesel has a maximum sulfur content of 10 parts per million, being a more modern and sustainable product, with greater added value and with less impact on the environment.

According to the director of Industrial Processes and Products at Petrobras, William França, “Petrobras is committed to investing in refining to meet commercial commitments with reliability, operational availability, valuing people and profitability of the units, always guaranteeing the safety of operations .”.

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